Smart Engineering


 Smart Engineering Group

Steve E. Watkins
Abdeldjelil Belarbi
K. Chandrashekhara
Richard Hall
Antonio Nanni

For Information Contact: Steve E. Watkins
Project: Advanced Materials and Smart Sensors for Civil Infrastructures
NSF Combined Research Curriculum Development Grant


Project Objectives:


  • To develop two senior/graduate courses entitled "Smart Materials and Sensors" and "Smart Structures" for the Civil Engineering curriculum and co-listed in the Electrical Engineering and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering curricula,
  • To develop an interdisciplinary teaching laboratory which integrates significantly laboratory and practical experiences in all three technical areas for the course,
  • To construct, instrument, and monitor a smart bridge on the Missouri S&T campus as a field experience for students and as a technological demonstration,
  • To create a World Wide Web site for the Internet which features tutorials for the component technologies, multimedia demonstrations from the course, virtual experiments from the teaching laboratory, updated results from the bridge demonstration, and links to other Internet sites related to smart advanced structures,
  • To develop and offer an associated short course for professionals.
  • To demonstrate educational methodologies for effective interdisciplinary instruction which feature Socratic dialogue, group collaboration, and active laboratory experiences, and
  • To prepare a hypermedia resource of technology tutorials, experimental demonstrations, virtual experiments, bridge tests, course notes, and new technical developments in this area.